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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Josh HowellJosh Howell
Passed 1st Time 🎉
Karl Oliver has been an incredible Instructor. He is very friendly and patient, and with his calm and supportive approach, I passed first 1st time.

 Cameron Cameron
The student centred LD system speaks for itself - it is well structured, the videos give great example. However what sets the experience apart is the instruction, guidance, support received from Karl Oliver. I cannot express enough how pivotal Karl was in my success, I achieved a year long goal of obtaining my license in England with one minor may I add. Karl is an exceptional instructor - he is courteous, considerate and listens above anyone else. Much like being a good driver you have to make observations to what’s happening in front of you and make the correct action / reaction to the situation presented as a teacher Karl has done just that he’s observed my driving capability, illustrated areas that are good and where to improve and developed my safety on the road for not just myself but for others. Before I came to Karl I had a massive knock to my confidence when I booked a short notice test on the IOW after spending merely 10 hours at another driving school. I felt unprepared and embarrassed about the fail I received and as I’ve experienced this I can talk about it and make comparisons. Having 6 years of driving experience in the United States I felt a false sense of security in my driving as I was capable of operating a vehicle but what also came with that was severely bad driving habits that I wasn’t even aware of because I’d become so naive to the ability of my awareness whilst driving and ability to make observations. This was a daunting obstacle to overcome however with Karl’s unrelenting support and guidance I was in the position to illustrate to myself my driving strengths and areas to improve - upon this we were able to devise a plan to best approach enhancing my driving abilities to the point where I am a natural fluent driver in lessons and in the real world and to me that’s what sets Karl apart from any other instructor I’ve met, he was a pleasure to work with as a teacher and someone to look up to as a mentor and had the ability to even form a friendship with myself I’m not one to usually write a review however In this circumstance Karl Oliver went above and beyond any expectations and I cannot recommend him any higher to anyone no matter what level of driving they’re convinced they have, Karl Oliver will sort you out top bloke.

Holly Holly
Passed 1st Time
Karl is a very patient instructor, also if there is something you struggle with, like I struggled with learning Roundabouts and Hill Starts, he will keep going over it until you start to understand it. He is very dedicated, to getting you to where you need to be, so you are absolutely ready for test. Overall; he is an amazing instructor, who makes you feel comfortable and is very easy to talk to.

Euan SmartEuan Smart
Karl has been a brilliant instructor, he gave up his time to help improve my driving in addition to dedicated lessons. Karl explains how we can improve my driving in a very relaxed way and explains it very well also. Even after setbacks, Karl has been very patient, and he has worked hard with me to rectify any issues. I couldn’t recommend Karl highly enough to any new learner.

Georgie LindopGeorgie Lindop
Karl is a brilliant instructor, always very calm and patient, and happy to explain what was not understood in the book. Due to missing driving time in the second lockdown, Karl started once weekly theory sessions with myself and another student, to ensure that our progress was kept up throughout those difficult times. I used my LDC theory app to aid my learning, and found that the hazard perception tests were very useful in my physical driving also. The videos by LDC were extremely helpful, and I watched them before each section of my lesson to aid with understanding. I could not recommend Karl enough, I felt so comfortable throughout my learning! Thank you!

Jessica CreekJessica Creek
Passed 1st Time
Karl’s been a great instructor throughout all of my lessons, very helpful, polite and professional. The LD System has also been great - the book has been very helpful. It was nice to feel in control of what I learnt in my lessons and when we covered things.

D.S. LillyD.S. Lilly
Passed 1st Time
Karl was recommended to me by my sister in law, so I contacted him and he took time out of his busy schedule and I am really happy that I chose him. His instructor skills are really good. I got zero faults in my driving test, all because of him. Would highly recommend.

Bradley LethbridgeBradley Lethbridge
Passed 1st Time
Karl gave up his time to help me, he mentored me really well and supported me in all situations. Karl trusted me to drive and coached me so that I was test ready in a short period of time. I highly recommend Karl, very helpful and a genuine guy.